Aerial View of Tartussaare Tagajarv.

Boy Finds Strange Tracks Before Unearthing A Lost Piece Of History

Kaspar was out for a morning hike in the Estonia Swamp, having no idea that he was about to stumble upon something that’d been buried for decades. Taking the path less traveled, he found what looked like a boat stuck in the ground.

After gathering the town to dig, everyone soon realized they’d uncovered a lost piece of history.

Kasper Took The Path Less Traveled

It was a normal morning, and Kasper was ready to explore the Estonian Swamp. When he got there, the young boy realized there were two paths in front of him. The first was a popular trail for local hikers while the other could barely be classified as a trail.

Sun rises at Viru Bog forest in Estonia. Estonia is a small...

It was the second that piqued his interest.

Lake Kurtna Matasjarv Was In The Middle Of Nowhere

Aerial View of Tartussaare Tagajarv.

After picking the trail he wanted to go down, Kasper began to walk. It was not long before he came across Lake Kurtna Matasjarv. At 53,820 square feet, the lake was a decent size. Still, it was located in the middle of nowhere.

No one in their right mind was going to lug a boat out there.

He Spotted Strange Markings On The Ground


Kasper did not really think much about what people would use the lake for. That is until he noticed some strange markings around its perimeter. He was not sure what they could be.

And the fact that the marks were covered by what looked like years of growth was not helping matters.

The Marks Weren’t The Only Thing On The Ground


Kasper had walked this path many times in his life, even though it was not a marked trail for hikers. How had he never noticed something so strange near the lake?

If the markings were not weird enough, what Kasper spotted next was enough for him to scratch his head.

There Was A Rope


Next to the strange markings on the ground was a rope, something that looked like an anchor for a boat. But no one brought their boats out to this lake, it was very much out of the way.

It would be one big hassle to get a boat this deep into the swamp.

He Began To Pull


Kasper was curious, though, so he dug around the mud and got the rope out of the swampy earth. Then, he started to pull. Being a young boy, Kasper was not exactly able to budge whatever was stuck in the ground.

He was going to need some help if the mystery object was going to be unearthed.

Kasper Got His Parents Involved


Dropping the muddy rope, Kasper turned around and headed back towards his home. Once he got there, he quickly explained what he had found to his parents. Needless to say, they were more than a little confused.

Still, they dropped what they were doing and followed their son into the swamp.

They Had No Idea What The Object Was Under The Surface


Kasper had no idea what he found. The rope looked like it had once anchored a boat. But where was the boat? Was it buried under the ground, and that’s why he couldn’t get the rope completely out from the muddy earth?

The young boy had no clue he was about to uncover a lost piece of history — a World War II tank that fought on both sides.

His Parents Had No Answers


As it turned out, Kasper’s parents were at a complete loss, too. They had no idea what to make of the strange tracks on the ground or what the rope could be attached to. It was a mystery.

And the local mystery Kasper stumbled upon soon had the entire town interested.

More And More People Showed Up


Not long after Kasper brought his parents to Lake Kurtna Matasjarv, more townspeople showed up. They were curious what the young boy found on the off-beaten path of the Estonian Swamp.

They were going to need some serious muscle to get that muddy rope to budge out of the ground.

No One Knew What The Marks Were


The men of the town gathered around the swamp, inspecting the strange marks in the ground that Kasper had spotted earlier that day. They really had no clue what could have made them.

And the fact that they were covered with what looked like years of growth had them scratching their heads.

The Townspeople Tried The Rope, Too


Soon, the men spotted the rope Kasper had talked about. Some of the locals got a good grip and began to pull, thinking they could make it budge a bit more than the young boy.

While the rope came off the muddy ground easily enough, it seemed as though no amount of strength was going to make it budge.

There Was Something Under The Surface


While the tracks on the ground were strange and the rope was not close to budging from the earth, the townspeople knew one thing for sure — there was definitely something submerged in the lake.

Now, it was just a matter of finding out what it was and getting the object topside.

They Needed Equipment


About a dozen strong men and women tried to pull the rope, thinking if they had enough power the object would make itself known. Alas, they were not strong enough.

They were going to need some serious equipment if they were going to extract whatever was beneath the surface of the lake.

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