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Fortnite overtime challenges: How to search a supply drop in different matches



As you might have noticed, there are no standard weekly Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges this week and that’s because the 10 weeks that made up season 7 are already over. Instead, Epic pushed the start date for season 8 up to Feb. 28, letting you enter pop-up tournaments and several other activities. Thankfully, this means you have extra time to catch up on season 7 challenges (read our guide). But Epic also added a new set of quests called Overtime challenges.


There are 16 free Overtime challenges that will slowly unlock over the next eight days. Eight are available now, with four more unlocking on Tuesday and the remaining four next Friday. The best part is that if you complete 13 of the 16 total Overtime challenges over the next two weeks, you’ll be rewarded with a free season 8 Battle Pass. That’s like getting $10 just for playing Fortnite, which seems like a pretty great deal to me.


With the extra time to catch up, season 7 Battle Pass owners who manage to unlock specific tiers (47, 71 and 87) can unlock customization options for the Drift, Torg and Onesie skins.


I’ll be updating this post as new challenges unlock (Saturday’s challenges are now live and have been added). Here are the first eight Overtime challenges (Note: The first in the screenshot is for the free Battle Pass itself).




Collect coins in featured creative islands


For this one you’ll have to enter Creative Mode and simply launch any of the featured islands from the Creative Hub, then search for coins.


Deal damage to opponents with assault rifles or pistols


This is about as standard as it gets for challenges. Note that you have to get 500 damage though, so it may take a few games to complete.


Search chests or ammo boxes at a motel or RV park


I made a map for where these two locations are so you can get to them quickly, but I have this weird feeling. I could be wrong (probably am), but I’m thinking Epic Games is sending us to these locations because they might be going away in season 8. The RV park has been around since the beginning so I could see the company deciding to add something new and different. The Motel is a little newer, but you have to admit it’s not a very exciting place to drop. We’ll find out if I’m right in a couple weeks, but here’s where they’re located:


Fortnite' overtime challenge: How to thank the bus driver in 7 different  matches - Deseret



Place top 15 in duos with a friend


Has there been a team-based challenge before that wasn’t a generic daily challenge? I can’t remember. This should be pretty easy provided you make an effort with a friend (and maybe don’t drop into Tilted Towers this time). Even if you autofill to get your partner, if you play it a little safe, you should get top 15 without much trouble.


Regain health from a campfire in different matches


This challenge will obviously rely on whether you can find a campfire in the first place. It’s also important to note that it’s not enough to just place the campfire; it actually has to heal you (so you can’t just do this at full health). I would suggest getting into a large team match for this one because it looks like you’ll get credit regardless of who places the campfire. Don’t forget that only one per match will count toward the challenge, but you’ll need three total to complete it.


Visit different named locations


Here’s a challenge we’ve seen many times before, but note that you have to visit 10 different locations. You can get more than one per match and if you plan it well by landing in a coastal location, you can work your way inwards to pass through several as the storm closes in. The next game, just land in a different coastal area and do the same thing.


Search a supply drop in different matches


Though supply drops can be dangerous, note that you only have to get two of them in different matches to complete the challenge. Just be aware that a lot of people will be doing the same thing, so you might wait a couple days to make it a little more safe.


Revive a player in different matches


Your best bet here is to play any large team mode because you’ll inevitably have tons of chances to revive people. It shouldn’t be too hard to get the required three revives, but just remember that only the first one counts per match.

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