Game of Thrones episode 4 left a coffee cup in shot and we’re losing it




Game of Thrones is a work of art. This is the show that has us returning season after season to watch the absolute pinnacle in high fantasy television. This is the show that costs HBO an estimated $15 million per episode to make. And this is the show that just left a Starbucks coffee cup on set during one of the biggest-ever episodes.


If you don’t want to ruin episode 4 (or your sense of quality production values), then be warned: very mild spoilers ahead.



Episode 4, titled ‘The Last of the Starks,’ dropped on Sunday night, and fans were giddy with delight to see how everything fell out after the epic Battle of Winterfell. There were surprise twists, there were moments of passion and there was blatant oversight by the production designers.


And because this is Game of Thrones, and fans notice every tiny detail, the world had feelings!














We are shook. We have followed this series since Sansa was a baby bird and Arya was still fighting with a wooden sword. We agonize over subtle throwbacks and make memes out of Bran’s every move. And we live their losses like they’re our own.


It’s hard to see if it’s actually a Starbucks cup, but you’d better believe they’ll take the brand recognition.


To be fair, this just shows the people behind this show, one of the most beautifully produced works of popular culture perfection we’ve ever seen, are still human. They get tired, they need coffee and dammit if they’re going to get that cup out of shot if Emilia Clarke and Kristofer Hivju are delivering that Daenerys and Tormund realness.

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